Designing for Comfort and Safety

Add in these aging-in-place features so you can use the space with ease, no matter how old you grow.

As we grow older, it becomes increasingly important to ensure that our living spaces are tailored to meet our changing needs. One area of the home that deserves special attention in this regard is the bathroom. Aging-in-place bathrooms are specifically designed to accommodate the physical limitations and safety concerns that often come with age. In this blog post, we will explore the concept of aging-in-place bathrooms and how to design them for comfort, accessibility, and independence.

Essential bathroom design features for aging-in-place:

The wide opening with a pocket door makes the bathroom accessible.


Design the bathroom with ample space for maneuverability, allowing individuals to move around comfortably, especially if using mobility aids. Notice the flush entrance between the bathroom and hallway.

A curbless shower eliminates a trip hazard.


Zero-threshold showers eliminate barriers and provide easy entry and exit, minimizing the chances of accidents. Installing slip-resistant flooring in the shower area further enhances safety.

The toilet paper holder doubles as a grab bar.


Sturdy supports provide extra assistance when using the toilet, getting in and out of the shower, or maneuvering around the bathroom.


Easily control the water flow and direct it where it’s needed.

Vertical and horizontal grab bars in the shower.
Natural light illuminates this universal design bathroom.


Proper lighting is crucial in aging-in-place bathrooms. Incorporate a combination of natural and artificial lighting to minimize shadows and provide even illumination.

A customized shower control and accessible niche next to the shower bench.


A built-in shower bench or a fold-down seat in the shower area can be helpful for those who need to sit while bathing.


Opt for fixtures that are easy to operate, such as lever-style faucets and door handles.


Additionally, consider installing raised toilets or bidets with adjustable heights for added convenience and comfort.

The toilet is at the optimal height plus a ledge to use for stability.

Creating an aging-in-place bathroom is an investment in safety and comfort. These small changes can help individuals maintain their independence and enjoy their own homes for years to come.

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