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In this edition, Marc highlights bathroom remodeling, and John shares his trip to Canada.

Dear Friends and Clients,

Marc checking in here! John is enjoying another adventure with friends and family! Last month we reviewed how we “remodeled” our own website.

This month we turn our focus to one of the most common projects we tackle, but never tire of, bathrooms!

They come in all shapes and sizes, probably a space that is used more than the kitchen. A lot of our bathroom remodeling projects stay within the existing bathroom footprint, which challenges us to reinvent the space within the same four walls. Other times, we get to use our creativity to “capture” adjacent space and give the bathroom a new dimension. In either case, bathroom renovations are transformed from boring and outdated to functional masterpieces!

Spa Retreat has a luxurious bathroom with an amazing soaking tub and a large glass shower. Plus, unique and glamorous details throughout.

When it comes to scheduling bathroom renovations, it is a process that is unique to each space, but that can *historically* work around a framework of previous scheduling expectations. Historically because supply chain challenges have not spared the “bathroom arenas.” Tile, shower glass, and plumbing supplies have been some of the hardest areas hit by product availability and narrowed scope of manufacturer’s production. Our goal is to plan efficiently so that even with those challenges we can finish these projects on time and on budget and provide great new bathroom spaces.

Just another canoe country day.

Another adventure from John! This time he heads North to Woodland Caribou Park in Ontario, Canada. 

It’s hard to believe that we are knocking on the month of October. The year seems to be flying by. Since the last newsletter, I was able to resume our yearly wilderness canoe trips to Woodland Caribou Park in Ontario, Canada. 

Sunset in the North.
Fire remnants

This year’s trip took us back to a lake that we had visited a few years ago with an added twist.

A forest fire had moved through the area a year ago. It is amazing the extent of the area that had burned and also note the areas that the fire missed. Rumor has it that the fire encompassed over 60% of the park. Many islands were completely burned off while some islands were missed and some areas on shore were missed completely whereas others were decimated. I like seeing the results after the fire.

Already there is a lush green undergrowth with lots of fireweed and small plants that are juxtaposed against the charred remains of the trees.

My favorite part is seeing the new jack pines. The jack pine seed has to be scorched by fire to open and then drop its seeds to germinate. A really bad event – a fire – brings regrowth.

Fun to see!

Jack Pine seedlings

I guess it’s time to make sure the wood is stacked for the winter. Snow will be arriving soon! Wow.

All the best to our many friends and clients,

John and Marc


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