Green building designs

Sustainable Designs

Meet award-winning architect, Harvey Sherman. Energy and resource efficiency have been a focus of Harvey’s work since the 1980s.

harvey sherman
Green building designer, Harvey Sherman.

Explore Harvey’s work over the years

Harvey has worked in the design and building industry for 40 years as a registered, practicing Architect, licensed contractor, and teacher. Over his career, he has completed a wide variety of highly successful green building design projects. He believes that zero energy use or net-zero energy ready should be the standard for new homes and major remodels. Sherman has designed and built many projects incorporating green features.

green building design addition

High, energy-efficient exterior wall system

Harvey designed this kitchen and family room addition with a high-energy-efficient exterior wall system. The wall system eliminates the infiltration of air and moisture, therefore, keeping the dew point outside of the house to keep the interior wall dry and warm.

kitchen, green building design
An inside look at the Lake Nokomis Kitchen Addition.
green building design, garage

Solar-powered, two-story garage

Harvey’s team replaced an old garage in poor condition with a large, solar-powered, two-story structure. This new design created additional space for canoe storage and repair. Additionally, the electricity from the photo-voltaic panels is recycled for the utility company when the system is over-producing.

green building design, kitchen
Main Level Craftsman and Motawi Tiles.

Gorgeous Green Craftsman Kitchen & Bath

This project demonstrates a more literal use of the term “green,” but it sure shows off Harvey’s expertise. At the time, he and his team replaced an outdated, deteriorated kitchen and bath. The beautiful craftsman kitchen features a Motawi tile pattern backsplash. In the bathroom are echoing green and white design elements.

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