tips for hosting house guests

Preparing Your Home for Holiday Guests

During the holidays, we open our homes to loved ones. To ensure a comfortable stay, here are helpful tips for hosting house guests.

Plenty of food on hand

One of the keys to successful holiday hosting is a well-stocked kitchen. Be prepared with items like a variety of snacks and drinks, quick breakfast options, and frozen meals. Take into account any dietary restrictions your guests might have, so you can have options for everyone.

Make room for their stuff

Neatniks love a spot to hang their towel, and a little space in the closet, if possible. At the front door, make room for boots, coats, gloves, and hats. It will take some of the crazy out of coming and going.

towels on bed for hosting guests

Linens Prepped and Ready

Be sure to have plenty of linens readily available. Store guest sheets as a set inside a pillowcase to keep them organized. Leave a lavender pillow spray next to the bed and provide an extra blanket for guests who sleep cold.

Outside-of-the-House Activities Planned Ahead of Time

Your guests are likely looking for some holiday adventures, so it’s a great idea to plan some outside-of-the-house activities. Winter in Minneapolis offers endless opportunities for adventure, from ice skating and sledding in local parks to festive events like the Great Northern Festival and the St. Paul Winter Carnival. You can find a full list of activities here, and afterward, warm up with these festive drink recipes.

Comfortable Guest Space, Wherever it May Be

Whether your guests stay in a spare room, on a pull-out sofa, or on an air mattress, make their space as comfortable as possible. Guests will appreciate a chance to get out of your way and enjoy a little privacy too. Encourage guests to take advantage of a quiet corner or “away space” somewhere in your home. Stock it with books, games, music, or TV.

Point Them to the Laundry

Let your guests know where and how to use the laundry room, or place instructions on top of the washer so they can easily figure out which buttons to push. Having laundry accessible can make their stay even more comfortable and save them from going home with a suitcase full of dirty laundry as a holiday souvenir!

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