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In this edition, prioritize creating open, cozy, and personalized living spaces.

Dear Friends and Clients,

The New Year is upon us, and we’re already done with the first month. Wow, time really does fly! As you prepare for remodeling this year, we want to ensure that the highest priority on your list is a space that not only makes you feel good but also supports the well-being of your family.

Here are a couple of ways to make sure you are on the right track.

1. Open Communication Spaces

Make sure you have a floor plan that encourages communication and interaction. Taking down the walls encourages interaction between people in all parts of your house. Be very careful, however, to make sure that spaces are true to the character of the house – a small bungalow is designed around smaller, distinct rooms. Care must be taken to respect the feeling of the home.

2. Cozy Spaces

Sara Susanka in her “Not so Big House “ books talks about the importance of making small cozy spaces that are human-sized and give you a feeling of comfort and warmth. Think of spaces that you can relax in. What gives them that feeling? Pillows, warmth, lower ceilings?  Bringing these elements into a space will make it more personal and special.

3. Personalized Spaces

Allow each family member to have a say in the design of their personal spaces. We all have different ideas about what makes us comfortable.

So when you think about remodeling, bring these ideas to the top of the list to make sure you have spaces that work for you, your family, and friends and reflect the values, interests, and personalities of the individuals living in it.

The year 2024 has begun with a long list of new projects. Currently, we are working on a bathroom in a downtown condo, an entry addition, a bathroom project, and a basement in South Minneapolis. We are also in the final stages of our custom entry portico and have a lengthy list of projects in the pipeline. Many thanks to all our friends and customers for the kind words and referrals.

Construction of the sauna at my cabin is ongoing. The roof is on hold until warmer weather—wait, 40-degree weather in January! That’s warmer than last October when we started the roof!

Our puppy, Koda, completed his obedience and hunting training camp, which took almost the entire month of December. The trainer mentioned that being blind in one eye did not affect his training. Koda loves to retrieve and will do so nonstop until we get tired.

I just returned from a FREEZING ski trip to Whitefish, Montana. Conditions were so bad that they closed the mountain. The pipes froze in the house we were renting… just another day for a contractor.

Alice and I are embarking on a road/ski trip to Denver and Driggs, Idaho, to visit friends and enjoy some skiing. Last year, the ski trip turned into a Hawaiian Cruise; this year, we are embracing the cold and snow!

Until next month,

John and Marc

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