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john and marc sylvestre

MAY 2022

In this month’s edition, Marc makes a special appearance and shares a personal note about life, work, and the crew!

Dear Friends and Clients,

Spring has sprung, and it appears we may even skip spring altogether and go right to summer! As the weather warms up we find ourselves outside more, as well as having the windows open and gazing at all there is to do outside.

toddler excitedly looking at a bulldozer on a spring day
Henry checks out a bulldozer on a beautiful spring day.

It seems the natural flow of the real estate market, which “kicks off” at the Super Bowl, also trends for home remodeling. Families dig up those dreams of an updated bathroom and dust off those thoughts of adding livable space to their homes. 

bathroom project close to being finished

We have seen an uptick in interest in projects ranging from a bathroom facelift to adding a second story. We have also seen an increase in the impact of the Covid-related supply chain disruptions and labor shortages.

We love getting to the end of a project so we can admire the work of our talented crew, hand off a finished product to our clients, and check it off our Big Board.

When the process is a bit more challenging, it seems to sweeten the satisfaction of the final walk-through. 

John has been out of the office on a journey through Peru for the past couple of weeks. The trip was planned pre-Covid, and after a couple of years of delays, they finally got to do some hiking, biking, and sightseeing of the historic Machu Picchu and surrounding areas. The last time my Mom and Dad traveled together outside of the country (not counting our near north neighbor) was forty-some years ago on a college trip in Europe!

We hope everybody is staying safe and healthy. Enjoy the warmer weather as we jump-start into spring/summer! All the best until next time,

John, Marc, and the Sylvestre Crew

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