bedroom and bathroom suite

Sweet Success

Reconfiguring the second floor to give homeowners a bright and spacious owner’s suite.

Redefining the confines of an old home

Living within the confines of an older home can be frustrating, but you can adapt it to make it what you need for comfortable living. This house is a typical Crocus Hill four-square, with four bedrooms and a single small bathroom on the second floor. Our third-time clients embraced this idea and reached out to us to help reconfigure the second floor to create a proper bedroom and bathroom suite.

A bedroom layout is reconfigured for comfort.




Spacious Bedroom Suite

A room that feels original to the home.

After years of settling, the team needed to address this issue by focusing on leveling the remodeled area. The walls and corners are now perfectly squared, and the new window placements fill the room with light and let homeowners position their furniture as desired.

Balancing closet functionality and the room’s flow

This is one of two closets in the owner’s suite. Creating these dedicated spaces was a top priority. It’s essential to have ample room to move and search inside the closet without encroaching on the space outside.

Bright & Peaceful Bathroom

Double sinks in an owner’s suite add both convenience and luxury. It allows couples to get ready at the same time without crowding each other.

Frosted shower doors allow privacy but plenty of light.

Original Details & New Additions

Respecting the original details of the home

We love the unique touch of the transom window above the bedroom door and the original built-in, which maintain the home’s authentic charm. By preserving details like these, the new owner’s suite blends seamlessly with the home’s original character, creating a warm and welcoming space.

Creating an owner’s suite is a valuable addition to any home. However, it’s crucial to pay special attention to space planning and design to ensure it doesn’t feel awkward or out of place.

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