White kitchen design

A Clean Slate

Revamping a home for flow, function, and aesthetics.

To create the perfect home for this family, we worked closely with them to redesign the kitchen, back entrance, and powder room. We made sure to listen to their needs and preferences every step of the way. In the end, they can enjoy a functional, classic white kitchen design with top-notch appliances and clever storage solutions, ready for some amazing cooking adventures!

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Passion Meets Practical

For a family who loves cooking, it was tough to do so in their cramped kitchen. To design a space custom to them, we dug deep to understand their habits and requirements. One key detail was ventilation. They were planning to cook various cuisines, so they needed a good ventilation system to handle the heat and smells. This upgrade not only makes cooking easier but will help their kitchen appliances last longer.

Custom Island Countertop

Our team made a cardboard template of the island countertop for the client to visualize and approve. Then, we collaborated with Paramount Granite Company for fabrication and installation. The kitchen features Elegant Grey Granite, white shaker door cabinets, and matching wood flooring throughout the main floor.

A lot of careful planning went into accommodating all their items and ensuring easy access to them. We even created a storage map, marking spaces for dishes, cooking utensils, appliances, and more.

Throughout the kitchen, you’ll find savvy storage solutions. Everything has a place, bringing order to the kitchen.

Move the slider to reveal the transformation.

New and Improved Layout

The bathroom at the back entry had a less-than-ideal placement, lacking privacy as it directly faced the kitchen and breakfast area. Additionally, the window opened directly onto the porch. To address this issue, we removed the post and relocated the powder room. As a result, we provided our clients with direct access to their porch, allowing them to easily grab a cup of coffee and enjoy a relaxing morning outdoors.

Relocating the Powder Room

Now the powder room is in a more central and private location. By removing the posts and reconfiguring the kitchen, we were able to find room in the existing footprint to provide them with the privacy they needed. One challenge along the way was relocating the laundry chute that was original to the home. Kudos to our carpentry team for skillfully reconfiguring it from the third floor to land perfectly into the laundry basket in the basement—bonus, it no longer snags and traps clothing on its way down!

A built-in coat closet keeps the back entry neat and tidy. Behind the complementing white shaker cabinet doors, there are pegs for hanging coats and shelves for shoes. Glass pane doors bring in lovely natural light.

We love how open the space is now! Every inch in this timeless white kitchen perfectly suits this family’s lifestyle.

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