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In this edition, we chat mudrooms and John shares his trip to Colorado and Utah.

Dear Friends and Clients,

As we begin a new year, we often think of things we would like to accomplish in the coming year.

Traditionally, goals like improving physical health, saving money, exercising, or eating healthier are very common- and a good idea! In this newsletter, we hit on a few areas of your home, that, in my opinion, top the list of home improvement ideas: Bathrooms, mudrooms, and basement spaces.

I could talk a lot about all these spaces (and if you would like to chat give me a call…) but let’s briefly talk about mudrooms. We have been immersed in winter for almost two months now. Coats, shoes, boots, kid’s friend’s boots, snow shoveling gear, mittens, gloves, and dog walking paraphernalia are just a few things that accumulate in the winter near your entry door. Add kid’s sports to the mix and we have soccer balls, hockey skates, and baseball mitts, to name a few, which all have a tendency to find their way into the “space” that you enter your home.

It may be a back stair, a kitchen, or a mudroom and if you haven’t thought about upgrading this space- this could be the year it happens! There are many solutions both within the existing space and adding space. No matter where it is, it may be time to create an organized space as you enter your home. Next month I will give some time to basement spaces.

We are almost a month into 2023 and have gotten more snow (and January rain) than we have seen in a long time. Hopefully, you all have plans for getting through the rest of the winter safely and happily!

I have had the chance to ski in both Colorado and Utah and have seen some great conditions—these are the good things about winter. A few of my friends and I take an annual trip with our kids to ski together someplace in the western United States. My friends are remodeling contractors from different parts of the country and it’s great to get insight and share ideas on remodeling—as well as skiing.

We have a number of great projects lined up for the first part of the year-three kitchens, a basement, and a few bathrooms already. We practice what we write about!

I hope you all are doing well!

Until next month,

John and Marc

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