Spa bathroom design

Modern Spa Oasis

A luxurious soaking tub, spacious walk-in shower, and vibrant blues infused throughout.

We’re constantly on the move: balancing work, kids’ activities, and making time for loved ones. Amidst the hustle, our bathroom routine offers a rare chance to unwind. It’s no surprise many long for a spa bathroom design. After overhauling the first-floor layout, our attention turned to transforming the owner’s suite upstairs into a haven of relaxation.

Move the slider to reveal the transformation.

Although spacious, the bathroom’s potential was hindered by a second doorway leading to the bedroom. The design felt outdated, and despite the abundant natural light streaming in through three beautiful windows, the tan and brown color scheme left the room feeling dull.

Now, it’s a clean, bright, and inviting space, complete with a free-standing Victoria + Albert soaking tub soaking tub and a spacious walk-in shower! Eliminating the door that led to the bedroom enabled us to utilize the wall effectively. By replacing the radiator with in-floor heating, we could install a proper vanity with much-needed storage. 

A walk-in shower with elegant tile accents

We love walk-in showers for ease of use, but there is an aesthetic appeal that is equally impressive. Opting for glass doors instead of a shower curtain creates a more open and spacious feel. To draw the eye in, we used a beautiful blue glass tile as an accent wall in the shower giving depth and brightness. To maintain balance in the design, we kept the side walls and ceiling tile white. Lastly, a charming neutral penny tile is on the shower floor to prevent slipping.

Vibrant Blues

To complement the glass tile, the design is completed with a vibrant blue vanity and two medicine cabinets. For those who crave color in their homes, blue can be an appealing choice—it’s calming and versatile. Used correctly, you won’t have to worry about it going out of style either!

And if you look closely, you’ll notice a remote on the side of the vanity—nope, there’s no TV in this bathroom! That’s for the Toto toilet and washlet seat.

A spa-like bathroom is ready to enjoy! Let this project be a gentle nudge to reserve a space in your hectic day for self-care and relaxation. You’ve earned it.

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