Basement Remodeling Ideas

Underutilized space in the basement

Looking for basement remodeling ideas?
We can help you look at your basement footprint and help you visualize all the possibilities.

Some of our clients look for basement remodeling ideas and want to maximize every usable square foot of their house. And those with families have wanted to create a good play area for their kids. A great way to turn for this extra space is to the basement.

basement remodeling ideas: Basement pool table with wine bar in background and overhead light fixtures
Add interest to your basement with a game room, maybe the kids will actually want to stay home!

Basement Remodeling: A Cost-Effective Way to Add Space

A finished basement is almost always the lowest cost living space you can add to your home. If you have a two-story home with an unfinished basement, finishing that basement can add up to 50% more usable living and storage space to your home. 

Homeowners with school-age children often dedicate one area of the finished basement for playtime. Built-in shelving and cabinetry will give you a place to put away games and DVDs and keeps clutter to a minimum. If you have teens, you can make it a true game room with a pool table, ping-pong table, or a pinball machine. Don’t forget a home entertainment system for movies and games. You’ll keep your kids closer to home and maybe get to know their friends better, too.

Looking for basement remodeling ideas?

We can help you look at your basement footprint and help you visualize all the possibilities. Here are just a few of the ways your basement can work for you.

basement remodeling ideas: Basement fireplace and tv area with two people talking on the couch
Create a space for entertainment with comfy seating and heating options.

Indulge Your Interests

Homeowners who love watching the latest movies or sporting events may opt for one area of their finished basement to become a media center with a wide-screen television, high-tech sound system, and plenty of comfy seating. Whether you all gather together for quality family time, or you host the neighbors for the Super Bowl, you’ll enjoy having space with the latest audio and video technology.

Consider making room for other interests as well, like a wine cellar, craft supplies, a computer desk with room for 3 monitors, built-in cabinets for a Vikings or Twins memorabilia collection, or a closet fitted for storing golf clubs, photography equipment, or fishing gear.

basement remodeling ideas: Workout equipment - ab wheel and weights

No More Wait for the Weights

If you are tired of trudging to the gym in the rain or snow, think about turning one area of your finished basement into an exercise room. Whether you prefer a treadmill or simply free weights, an exercise room right downstairs will help keep you on track to achieve your health goals.

basement remodeling ideas: Basement bar area with wine fridge, white cabinets and wine and glasses on counter
A stocked beverage fridge and countertop for serving make a great set-up for hosting an evening.

Invite Your Friends to a Night Out

When was the last time you hosted a poker night or book club? If you’ve never had a good place in your home to welcome friends for a night out, a finished basement can provide the perfect set-up. Consider installing a beautiful granite-top bar complete with its own sink, refrigerator, comfortable barstools, and racks for wine or stemware. A high-top game table or larger card table completes the scene so you can welcome everyone into your home for a night of fun.

basement remodeling ideas: Green basement bathroom with toilet, sink and mirror

Be the Overnight Host with the Most

If having an overnight guest means having to rearrange the kids or put your guest on the couch, consider including a dedicated guest room with its own bathroom. Your guests will get extra privacy at night and you’ll really feel like a gracious host!

basement remodeling ideas: Basement fireplace, fire lit, candle and vases

Warm Up Your Space

Basements typically feel a little cooler than the rest of the house. In the summer that can be an added bonus, but in the winter it can be a deterrent to spending time in the basement. A great solution to this problem is to add a gas fireplace. This will warm up your space and add some character. We even worked on a project in which the client wanted a sauna. Now that’s a good way to stay warm in the winter!

basement remodeling ideas: Basement bar and tv area with couch seating and beers on the table
This project involved lowering the floor to gain more space – the higher ceiling makes it feel like less of a basement.

Lower the Floor

We have even gone as far as to lower the floor in some basements to gain more space. Sometimes it’s just in a small area to gain more headroom and in others, we have dropped the complete basement floor. And yes, it is a difficult project to lower a basement floor but completely worth it to give you an uncramped feeling in your living space.

If turning your basement into a spacious pleasure destination sounds good to you, please give us a call. We’re “deeply” experienced and ready to help you discover all the basement remodeling possibilities waiting for you.

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